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What I do
A bit about my background Software writing since 1980... and I still enjoy this a lot today, especially since I’m specialized in writing native cross-platform software, running equally well on Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android. I’m a member of the prevention group of the world famous Swiss Disaster Relief Unit with which, among others, I cooperate in volcanic hazard mitigation. I’m actually very proud to be a member of this elite organization.   I work on different disaster prevention projects such as: Monitoring of the Merapi and Kelud volcanoes in Indonesia, the Nyos and Monoun lakes in Cameroon, Kivu in Rwanda with a French team. Monitoring of several volcanoes around the world with the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory, USA. Monitoring for the Philippines Volcano Observatory Prevention programs in Guatemala & Nicaragua.   For more details, check my company’s site at or get the copy of my résumé available on the right (in PDF).
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M.Sc. in Geology: “Acquisition and volcano- seismic analysis of the Fuego-Acatenango complex (Guatemala): An automatic approach (University of Geneva, Switzerland, 1992).”
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